Neighbour Day 2024

Sunday 31st March
Join our annual day of action – Neighbour Day

Neighbour Day provides the perfect opportunity to increase social connection in your local areas. You can celebrate in a variety of ways including hosting or supporting events that assist and engage your communities.


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5 steps to being neighbourly

Some people find it difficult to build relationships. This Neighbour Day, encourage members of your community to use these 5 simple tips to establish respectful relationships with those around them.



Start with a smile

Make it a habit to flash a friendly smile or say hello, even in chaotic moments, it is sure to make a difference!



The initial chat

Strike up a conversation with a genuine compliment, or a query, as this can be a great icebreaker.



Follow up

Next time you catch each other, follow up on what you spoke about last time, this shows your interest and people will generally appreciate feeling listened to.



Kind gestures

Kind gestures are the ideal way to build positive connections, so consider what you might be able to offer e.g. bring in their bins, water their garden, or share surplus produce or cuttings.



Host your event

Organise a Neighbour Day get together or engage in a neighbourly action – perhaps on Neighbour Day,  or whenever is convenient for you. Think of something your neighbours might enjoy e.g. BBQ, morning tea, some friendly games, or perhaps leave a thoughtful note.

Tell Us Your Story competition

Our annual Tell Us Your Story competition invites people across Australia to share their neighbourly stories.

“I try not to take for granted the comfort provided by so many familiar faces, the regular kerbside greetings and spontaneous gatherings that enrich each of our lives in our neighbourhood.”

TUYS 2021 Allan ACT Winner

“I was lonely, not feeling myself and decided to reach out. A small gesture had a huge impact on each of our mental health – and you could see the relief and joy each woman felt as they returned to their homes afterwards with their heads held high, and shoulders less slumped.”

TUYS 2021 Maria VIC Winner


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