My Territory Connections survey

From: 01/03/2022 To: 31/05/2022
My Territory Connections is an online survey from Charles Darwin University for people aged 18 and over living in the Northern Territory now. The survey asks about your social networks, general wellbeing, community participation and what it means to be a Territorian.

Researchers from Charles Darwin University want to understand how Territorians are connected through their social networks, community participation and attachment to the place they live.

My Territory Connections is an on-line survey with questions about the interaction Territorians have with their family, friends and neighbours, the things they do to help each other, and what they give and take from their communities. Results will be used to guide decisions about what is making life better and who might be missing out.

Everybody aged 18 years and over living in the Territory now can complete the survey. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete and can be accessed through the My Territory Connections website.

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Contact: Elizabeth Creed
Phone: 08 8946 6233