Ipswich Plant Swap – Neighbour Day Swap

From: 26/03/2022 9:30 am To: 26/03/2022 11:00 am
Ipswich Plant Swap partnered with the Leichhardt One Mile Community Centre is putting on a Plant Swap, sausage sizzle and a cuppa for Neighbour Day 2022 to encourage the community spirit.

Swap items can be cuttings, potted plants, seeds, ornaments, potting mix, etc. Anything of use in the garden.

Tea, coffee and sausage sizzle offered.

More event details here.

Organised by

Contact: Cameron Lund
Phone: 0402693689
Email: Cameron.lund85@gmail.com
Location: Leichhardt One Mile Community Centre, 1-17 Denman Street, Leichhardt, 4305, Queensland

Leichhardt QLD 4305, Australia