Club Med Franga Dog Day Afternoon

From: 27/03/2022 3:00 pm To: 27/03/2022 7:00 pm
We all live at the end of a court and we all have dogs. Our event is a gathering of around 8 houses with 6 dogs, 16 adults and 9 children for drinks, nibbles and doggie treats. We started meeting in the street during Covid and have become close.

A celebration of new friendships – 5 year olds to 80+ year olds!
We have one thing in common – our love of our street community which goes way beyond just saying hi! Looking out for each other… baby sitting, dog sitting and even house minding.

Organised by

Contact: Mike Officer
Phone: 0418568897
Location: 10 Nareen Court, Frankston South, Victoria 3199, AU