Celebration of Neighbour Day 2022

From: 27/03/2022 2:00 pm To: 27/03/2022 4:00 pm
The Brisbane North-West Baha'i Community invites their friends and neighbours to celebrate Neighbour Day 2022 in a spirit of the oneness of humanity and service to the community. Everyone is welcome - afternoon tea will be provided.

This event will invite attendees to share stories and reflections about the value of connecting with their neighbours.

Organised by

Brisbane North-West Baha'i Community
Contact: Ron Mitchell
Phone: 0477 771 265
Email: ron.mitchell@brisbane.bahai.org.au
Location: Picabeen Community Centre 22 Hoben Street, Mitchelton, Brisbane, Queensland 4053, AU

Mitchelton QLD 4053, Australia