Building Mindful Community – Making Mindful Connections

From: 29/03/2022 5:30 pm To: 29/03/2022 7:00 pm
Welcome to our first Little B.I.G. Speaker Event! To mark Neighbour Day 2022, join us to discover the cascading wellness benefits of mindfulness and hear how we can better use mindfulness for thriving communities and real connections. Register here:

The uptake of Mindfulness in the West has been driven by scientific research into astonishing personal health benefits such as; reduced stress, increased performance, reduced burnout and better heart heath, to name a few. The list of mental and physical benefits evidenced through random controlled clinical trials is long. Some of us have the time and inclination to better ourselves. We practice in weekly groups where we sit and walk in ‘noble silence’. Others of us practice via an App, alone in our home. But society needs more that a healthier elite. Recent research indicates that when practiced by people from individualistic cultures people become more ‘competent’ but less ‘benevolent’. It’s time to ask more of mindfulness. Mindfulness can deliver benefits broadly to society via connection and community. The question is: are we ready for this?

Psychology tells us we prefer people just like us. In this talk you will uncover how mindfulness can be employed to spot bias in our own minds and to meaningfully connect, especially with people who are not like us. Discover how mindfulness and mindful dialogue practices can boost connection and understanding across the diversity of our communities. Map the journey from naval-gazing to diversity dividends. Find out how mindfulness can be employed to uplift the quieter voices, to improve our capacities to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ the other.

Your Facilitator:

Dr Isabelle Phillips is a mindfulness practitioner with 20 years of experience and a PhD in Mindful Leadership. Her work at the UTS Business School focusses on leadership for workforce wellness of and performance. Isabelle’s management consultancy practice has delivered leadership programs across Asia Pac since 2006. Isabelle holds board roles in the NFP and Foundation sectors, she works with First Nations leaders and with community groups to support brain and mind health throughout the lifespan.

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