2023 Australian Liveability Census

From: 26/03/2023 6:00 am To: 30/06/2023 11:59 pm
Launching this Neighbour Day, the 2023 Australian Liveability Census is the largest social research project in the country dedicated to understanding liveability from the perspective of the people who actually live there! The findings are used by local and state government to plan for a more liveable future for all.

Like other citizen science projects, the 2023 Australian Liveability Census relies on the good will and generosity of local community members to share what makes a neighbourhood great for them and how their current neighbourhoods are performing. Place Score is trying to change the way we do traditional engagement by creating a national resource that will help reveal national and local trends, show where we are the same and where we are different and provide the human-centred, evidence base for more consistent decision making that puts people first! In 2021, we collected over 32,000 responses – this year we want to make it 50,000 so please join in and share with your family friends and colleagues. It’s a powerful way to make less than 15 minutes of your day impact the future of your neighbourhood!

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Place Score
Contact: Ainsley Milton
Phone: 0410 472 248
Email: ainsley@placescore.org