Why get involved in Neighbour Day?

Social isolation and loneliness can affect any person at any stage of life and having strong community connections can be life changing.

While the answers to loneliness may not be straightforward, having a variety of strong and supportive relationships is foundational to creating resilient individuals and communities.
Actively encouraging social connection and building connected communities provides a path to increased sustainable respectful relationships, and a long-term solution to ending loneliness.

Getting involved in Neighbour Day events and actions provides an opportunity to shift the tide from social isolation to social connection, through building respectful relationships and connected communities.

Independent evaluations show that people who get involved in Neighbour Day experience improvements to their mental health and wellbeing and reduced feelings of loneliness. These findings persisted six months on from the day (see our research page for more information).

Some key outcomes of the independent evaluations show:

  • Neighbour Day improves mental health and wellbeing – as a result of the support networks Neighbour Day fosters, respondents report improvements to mental health and wellbeing (2020 report)
  • Neighbour Day reduces loneliness – respondents levels of loneliness show statistically significant reductions six months on from the day (2020 report)
  • Neighbour Day creates enhanced perceptions of their neighbourhood environment – evaluations show a significant positive change in perceptions of their neighbourhood quality after involvement in the campaign (2019 report)
  • Neighbour Day improves people’s sense of belonging – evaluations show a significant positive change in sense of belonging after involvement in the campaign (2019 report)
  • Neighbour Day facilitates social connections – 99% connection of respondents have engaged with their neighbours in tangible ways since the day (2020 report)
  • Neighbour Day creates more localised social support networks that people have relied on in challenging times – 81% of people involved in Neighbour Day said they would rely on their neighbours if they had to self-isolate (2020 report)
  • Neighbour Day expands people’s circles of support – 80% said their neighbours had already been a source of support during 2020 (2020 report)
  • Neighbour Day reaches disconnected communities – before participating in Neighbour Day, 42% did not know their neighbours (2020 report)
  • Neighbour Day improves relationships between neighbours and communities – 85% agreed that after participating, they had stronger relationships with their neighbours
  • Neighbour Day improves social capital – participants report personal growth; such as better physical health, mental health and feelings of safety or support
  • Neighbour Day improves social inclusion and community wellbeing – participants report improved community wellbeing; such as helping create a strong community, showing support for others, connecting with elderly/vulnerable people 
  • Neighbour Day increases community capacity to create connections – participants report increased community ownership of the event and hosts learning from previous events has led individuals and organisations to establish long-term engagement with the campaign and the community.

Getting involved in Neighbour Day is beneficial for individuals and communities alike.

Help us:

  • Raise awareness about loneliness and the importance of social connection,
  • Support and encourage people to make and sustain sustainable and respectful connections with the people around them,
  • Contribute to positive individual mental health outcomes and general community outcomes,
  • Build the connected, resilient, communities you want to live in today, tomorrow and beyond.

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