Bringing Life

From: 16/12/2021 4:00 pm To: 14/12/2022 7:00 pm
Bikes and Music also Food and Plants also Bread giveaways

I moved into 15/172 Brooker Avenue about 6 months ago and neighbours had zero interactions. This is the closest ‘culdersack’ to Hobart cbd only 200 metres up from our famous fountain. It was actually quite grim and daunting. It had been this way for many years. There were little sub groups of middle aged neighbours that only had bad things to say about different cultures. Whether your Australian, Greek, Bosnian, German, West African or the most sensitive country in the world, Eritrea. Eritreans usually stay inside and are too timid to communicate, this is not understood by our support industries. The only banter was negative banter. So I started breaking down these boundaries by simply saying hello and offering the left over bread donations from our Saturday Vegan eats food donations, I was supported and financed by Kristian, I think he’s a community coordinator or merely just a volunteer. Either way he’s a champion and along with a battery point bakery and Mathers house they funded many events and bread giveaways. Kristian’s number is
0422 718 022. He’s a champion!

Anyway, what connected people was the food, but more so was an Aboriginal family. A single mum Latolya 0448 041 335 with 3 daughters that recently moved in. The children are all under 9 and my daughter Athena is 12. So now there are 4 kids riding their bikes and talking to neighbours. This bought LIFE back into the culdersac’

Bikes and Music

Now the younger kids ride bikes everyday after school and all weekend. My daughter joins in on Friday and Saturday afternoons from 3-4pm until 7-8pm.

We still have some older ladies that get offended if we play African or Greek music but we are ironing out those creases by ignoring the stamping of their feet or slamming of doors and windows. I’ve found completely ignoring this is the best option!! Call me if you need more info 0449211255.

Also, Mel is the most generous of all, she is giving away high quality plants and bedding which is fabulous. She has also bought LIFE into this small community, 17 apartments managed by Brie from housing Tas.

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Contact: Peter Xepapas
Phone: 0449211255
Location: 172 Brooker Hwy, Hobart, Tasmania 7000, AU